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Black women & male professionals, entrepreneurs, influencers and experienced youth mentors, both locally, nationally and globally.


Providing young women of color with a unique professional edge by offering opportunities for global education, emotional literacy, entertainment, violence prevention, technology, and social justice. This program pairs African-American girls and boys with African-American mentors who will support them and help them see they can achieve anything.


  • Group Mentoring: Workshop facilitator at schools, community centers, summer enrichment etc

  • One-one Mentoring: Paired with a mentee in high school or college.

  • Team Mentoring: Several adult mentors working with small groups of young people.

  • Peer Mentoring: Peer mentoring provides an opportunity for a caring youth to develop a guiding, teaching relationship with a younger person.

  • E-mentoring: Virtual Reality mentoring in the metaverse for career pathways and NFT partnerships.

who are the  mentors?

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