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Our  Vision

To provide youth ages 13-24 yrs old with a unique professional edge by offering opportunities for career exploration, global education, emotional literacy, entertainment, fashion, technology, and social justice. As our students explore and expand their cultural worldviews, they develop an increased awareness around social systems in both national and global sphere.


We're a collaborative organization focused on building human equity through technology, mentorship, and art. Cultivating a new generation of art enthusiasts, we provide programming, resources, digital exhibition space for teens, career pathways, social and emotional learning, mindfulness, technology, and arts.

Friends of Nicole 50/50 Mentoring Collaborative, Inc is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that empowers youth via partnerships with mentors, professionals, and community leaders.  

Our mission is achieved via the following principles:

  • Global Education

  • Sisterhood & Brotherhood

  • Community Engagement

  • Tech

  • Entrepreneurship

Our Mentors are successful working women from diverse industries and professions, who recognize mentoring as a practical solution to helping young women succeed.  

The Mentees of 50/50 Mentoring Collaborative are bright, enthusiastic young women in middle, high school, and collage with BIG aspirations. Nearly all are from lower income homes, and proud to be the first in their families to pursue higher education.


50/50 Mentoring Collaborative is a shared value solution, bridging educational and mental health gaps for young women, while giving businesses a unique opportunity to develop a diverse pipeline of talent. Ultimately creating greater opportunities for women, in education, business, and in our communities.

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All Videos
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You Have a Voice | Friends of Nicole 50/50 Mentoring Collaborative Inc
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#FRIENDSOFNICOLE | Friends of Nicole 50/50 Mentoring Collaborative Inc.  Program Launch
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LeadHER Power Hour Southern High School| 50/50 Mentoring Collaborative
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Friends of Nicole 50.50 Mentoring Collaborative Inc|  LeadHER Power Breakfast| Minor Daniels Academy
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