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WHO IS Nicole Hayden?

Keynote Speaker · Empowerment Facilitator · Confidence Coach 

Nicole Hayden Helps Young Women Find Their Purpose

True visionaries are those who see a need for change and have the insight and drive to make it happen. Nicole Hayden has a vision. It’s one where young women of color have the opportunity to realize their unlimited potential — and like a true visionary, she’s out there making it happen. She is a 2021 forty under 40 recipient and 2021 Bingham Fellows graduate


Nicole developed the Friends of Nicole 50/50 Mentoring Collaborative so female mentors, business professionals, and community leaders could help young women of color create better opportunities for themselves. Maintaining this type of mentoring platform requires hope, resources, and an innovative spirit. Nicole has effortlessly stepped into this role, which led her to create The Angles Selfie Museum an immersive space of culturally curated installations, murals, interactive art, virtual reality, and creatively designed space for teens to create.


Cultivating a new generation of art enthusiasts, we provide programming, resources, and a digital exhibition space for artists. Providing career pathways, social and emotional learning, mindfulness, technology, engineering, and math concepts to life for your students.

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